As noted, this is not VIA’s problem and quite honestly, it does not seem to make much difference anyway, as we are going to show you. Read on for the answers. Latest News Latest Videos. The VT chip can convert six audio channels simultaneously with bit resolution. One board is hard enough, given the depth we go in to at Hexus, but eight? The Sensaura drivers provide VTbased audio solutions a full range of positional audio features, including compatibility with all the major audio APIs:

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If you are via kt400a the idea of getting a KTA mainboard, I would highly suggest you make sure that the board you buy has the Via kt400a chip on it as you are very likely to be kicking yourself later if you do not. Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.

About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. No surprises there, as plenty of us via kt400a using those boards.

Killer7 Remastered Coming to PC. This same principle applies for the VIA south bridges as well. The synchronous memory settings running the via kt400a kt400z memory at MHz FSB have very low via kt400a and there are no synchronization issues that the chipset has to handle.

VIA does admit that they looked in to the dual channel options for AMD platforms, but from their research found that having a very efficient single channel controller was the best option and that having a dual channel controller was overkill for the Athlon XP processor that has a bandwidth limit of MHz Via kt400a speeds.

The KTA chipset is still via kt400a single channel DDR chipset, despite the initial rumors that were circulating months ago.

VIA’s KT400A chipset

Like the KTA, the will be pin-compatible with its predecessor, so you can expect to see current KT motherboards arriving in new incarnations, first the with Via kt400a north bridge, and then with the south bridge. Single via kt400a DDR goes head to head with nForce2.

The new memory controller is labeled as the FastStream64 Technology. Sensaura’s software algorithms will, of course, via kt400a some CPU overhead, but VIA via kt400a the impact on performance is fairly ktt400a.

The final piece of the Vinyl Audio puzzle is a new software driver created using technology licensed from Sensaura.

Review: VIA KTA Roundup – Mainboard –

Kt4000a by the same lead engineer who designed the KTA, this new chipset is intended as an nForce2 killer. There will be two different southbridge chips available via kt400a the KTA, the VT which is the southbridge via kt400a in use with the KT, and the southbridge noted above in our diagram the newer VT This tech also gets a marketing name, the vaguely spunky “DualMax.

Microsoft’s predictable bug; optional updates no longer being optional. I’ll admit via kt400a now, I didn’t want to do this review at all. Our first KTA reference board, an early revision, wasn’t stable in 3D via kt400a. Designed by the same woman that via kt400a done virtually all of VIA’s memory controllers, the KTA was born – equipped via kt400a a faster memory controller and with a new South Bridge coming down the pipe.

Every time someone asks me for Socket A purchase advice, I always recommend nForce2. When the VT viaa widely available, it will surely be the south bridge of choice for any and all VIA motherboards as the feature set on it is very competitive with the nForce2 MCP-T.

VIA provided us with a beta copy of its Sensaura drivers for testing with the KTA, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to via kt400a it adequately. For the thousandth ti It makes sense, before getting in to the meat and potatoes of this behemoth of a review, to kt400a a look at just what KTA as a chipset is all about.

The KTA can supposedly perform just as well without the extra expense and trouble of a via kt400a memory channel.

Where does it get you compared to DDR? MondayMarch 10, Via kt400a Initially, most of the KTA boards via kt400a you will see released will be coupled with the currently available VTCE south bridge chip. A reworked memory controller has given the nForce line a new lease on life. Despite offering two channels of DDR memory and a host of compelling features, nForce’s performance wasn’t anything to write home about, and motherboard buyers looked elsewhere.

With digital outputs, a via kt400a DAC on the motherboard will be bypassed entirely. I’ll have a chat about it, comparing to nForce2 as we go along, along with some forward thinking commentary with regards to KT, their latest AMD chipset via kt400a hopefully going to debut soon, when applicable.

However, on this front, nothing has changed from the KT or nForce2 chipsets as far as the benefits of DDR go — they via kt400a still nearing nothing in most cases.